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Announcements in Canvas

Published: Oct 21st, 2016

Do you need to communicate a message to all of your students in a single course? Have you struggled with how to effectively convey your message in a timely fashion? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you need to check out the Announcements feature within Canvas. Announcements…

Tips for Online Accessibility

Tips for Online Accessibility

Published: Aug 23rd, 2016

Intro You have probably heard about ensuring accessibility in online courses and may think of “closed captioning”.  However, accessibility includes many more aspects, especially in your PowerPoint presentations and documents. If you build your course with accessibility in mind, the learning experience for all of your students will be improved…

What Makes for Successful, Compelling Discussion Boards?

Published: Mar 28th, 2016

Discussion boards are a great way to assess a student’s understanding of a topic and to support critical thinking. They also build a community within the online classroom that fosters the development of peer review skills and collaboration. Allowing students time to reflect on the ideas presented and fully develop…

The Importance of Rubrics

The Importance of Rubrics

Published: Mar 14th, 2016

Rubrics are a critical component to student success in the ever-evolving online learning environment. A well-designed rubric will not only set a clear blueprint for an assignment, but by defining and clarifying expectations and demonstrating the importance of individual components, it encourages authentic self-assessment by students. Creating a quality rubric…

Flipping into Online Teaching

Published: Feb 5th, 2016

Do you want to get on board with the ever-growing future of education online, but you are not sure how to even begin? Teaching online does require developing the entire course before the semester even starts. Due to the amount of pre-planning necessary, teachers who are used to preparing a…

What A Test Can Tell You

What A Test Can Tell You

Published: Jan 19th, 2016

Using Student Test Answers to Improve the Test (and the Course) As every teacher knows, developing good test questions is hard work. Even the experts can’t get it right the first time which is why there’s an experimental section on the SAT (a group of questions that doesn’t count towards…

Being There: Instructor Presence in Online Courses

Published: Dec 15th, 2015

Before personal computers and internet access became nearly ubiquitous, Chickering and Gamson (1987) outlined the significance of student-instructor interaction in student learning. While the online environment creates different challenges for instructors and instructional designers than face-to-face interactions, instructor presence in the online learning environment is just as essential – potentially…

Using UF Apps

Published: Nov 30th, 2015

Spawned from a one-year pilot project funded by the Student Tech Fee, UFApps has grown into a full production UFIT service for all UF students (both traditional and UF Online). As stated on their website, “UF Apps provides access to software applications from any computing device –laptops, tablets, desktops, and smartphones– from any location, at any time.”

Online Field Trips

Online Field Trips

Published: Nov 4th, 2015

Synchronicity in Online Education

Synchronicity in Online Education

Published: Sep 21st, 2015

Having a synchronous discussion in an online course can be challenging, but tools exist to make that possible. Some may work better than others. Some are more appropriate than others for what you want to accomplish. Choose wisely. Education in the online learning platform runs the risk of losing the…