Instructional Design

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Partial Instructional Design Services

Instructional design advice, coupled with course set-up, is available, including:

  • Recommendations for student engagement and assessment
  • Suggestions for streamlining course management and efficiency
  • Increased course organization and usability
  • TA training and management recommendations
  • Video and multimedia assistance

Full Instructional Design and Development Services

Full instructional design and development assistance is available to faculty.  Instructional designers can work with faculty to develop courses that include the features listed below.

  • Activities that fully engage students with the content and each other
  • Frequent opportunities for students to receive feedback
  • Project management
  • TA training and management recommendations
  • Data collection and analysis for course improvement
  • Video and multimedia

Program Design and Development

Full program design and development services are available.  This level of development and programmatic support features the full course design assistance listed above, plus:

  • Full design services for all courses in the program
  • Coordination of  activities and assessment to maintain consistency across the program
  • Collaboration with program administrators to ensure program goals are met
  • Data collection and analysis for program improvement and accreditation
  • Creation of a Web presence for use in recruiting and marketing, including assistance with social media and marketing channels across campus, as appropriate