Workload Examples

A set of minor revisions, such as updating the order of existing modules, re-recording a small number of lectures, and adding new questions to an existing question bank, may take a couple of hours a week for about a month.

Moderate revisions, such as updating the majority of readings, re-recording about half of course lectures, and adding rubrics to assignments, will take longer, perhaps a few hours a week over about ten weeks.

Significant revisions, such as those associated with reworking content with adoption of a new textbook, are akin to a new development; instructors and designers undertaking significant revisions should plan on redeveloping over the course of at least a full semester, with the instructor dedicating approximately five hours of work per week on the revisions.

Minor revisions

(2 hours/wk for 4 weeks)

Moderate revisions

(3 hours/wk for 10 weeks)

Significant revisions

(5 hours/wk for 15 weeks)

Example 1

–    New Welcome lecture

–    Re-record 2 lectures

–    1 new assignment and rubric

–    Re-ordering 3 modules

–    Adding 10 new questions to a quiz bank

Example 1

–     Updating readings and assignments to match the latest edition of a textbook

–     Re-recording 1/3 of the lectures to reflect minor updates and adding several new lectures

–     Adding rubrics for all assignments

–     Adding 5 new questions to the quiz bank for each module

Example 1

– Adopting a new textbook (In addition to identifying new readings, this likely also involves adjusting lectures to compliment new readings, assignment changes, and modifications to quizzes.)

Example 2

– Updating 4 discussion prompts to make them more engaging

– Replace a mid-term with an authentic assessment assignment (and creating an associated rubric)

Example 2

– Reviewing quiz statistics data to develop new quiz banks for each module

– Update Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) to reflect alignment with new assessments

– Adding 2 personalized learning assignments

Example 2

– Updating all lectures to be re-recorded in 10 minute segments

– Creating an active learning project assignment to be submitted in stages throughout the semester

– Update Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) to reflect alignment with new assessment