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ARH 2930

ARH2930 Art Appreciation

ARH 2930 serves as an introduction to the visual arts from a global perspective with an emphasis on diversity in the United States. Students will develop a broad understanding of the objects, terms, theories and history of visual arts from a global perspective, while engaging topics central to US diversity.

  • Articulate Storyline lectures
  • Live art viewings and lectures
  • Virtual Exhibits
  • Chat Client

HSC 3102

HSC3102 Personal and Family Health

A survey of personal health concerns: emotional health; aging and death; alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse; physical fitness; nutrition and dieting; consumer health; chronic and communicable diseases; human sexuality; and environmental health.

  • Direct assessment and file submission
  • Discussion boards
  • Embedded videos
  • BigBlue Button

SYG 2000

SYG2000 Intro to Sociology

This is an introduction to sociology as a social science and analysis of American society. This course will encourage you to develop what C. Wright Mills called a sociological imagination, which refers to the capacity to see how seemingly personal matters are shaped by larger social forces.

  • EtherPad collaboration software
  • Electronic Textbook Integration
  • Video and audio integration
  • Vocabulary flashcards

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