CITT Technical Requirements



The Center for Instructional Technology & Training’s VIDEO SERVICES offers state-of-the-art multimedia recording studios to create engaging video presentations and innovative online content.

The primary recording options offered are:

  • Mediasite: Mediasite is the preferred option, as it is more flexible and has a faster turnaround time.
  • Green ScreenGreen Screen affords the presenter with more interactive multimedia capabilities, but at the expense of a longer post-production time with a far less flexible end product.

Before arriving for your scheduled recording session, please take a moment to review the technical guidelines for a proper recording.

PowerPoint Preferences

As of January 1, 2016, we request that all PowerPoint slides be formatted in a 16:9 aspect ratio. The traditional square 4:3 aspect ratio is no longer standard, as all monitors and television screens have adopted a wider 16:9 format.






  • Keep in mind that the PowerPoint is the visual aid to your lecture, not the lecture itself, so please do not simply copy your script into PowerPoint, or read the slide content verbatim.
  • Use a sans serif font for body text. Sans serifs like Arial, Helvetica, or Calibri tend to be the easiest to read on screens. We recommend at least 20 point font, as anything smaller will be difficult to read in the video player. 24 point font is preferred.
  • Put dark text on a light background. Again, this is easiest to read. If you must use a dark background – for instance, if your department uses a standard template with a dark background – make sure your text is quite light (white, cream, or pastels) and maybe bump the font size up two or three points.
  • Align text left or right. Centered text is harder to read..
  • Avoid clutter. A headline, a few bullet points, maybe an image – anything more than that and you risk losing your audience.
  • All slides should be checked for American Disabilities Act Compliance. Click here for ADA guidelines.

Script Tips

We encourage presenters to avoid using a script if possible, as scripts will sometimes constrain the presenter to speak in a forced or robotic manner. In most instances, speaking off the cuff as you do in the classroom ensures a more natural presentation.

  • Practice Practice Practice
  • If using a script, it is best to have reminders within the script for when you want to advance your PowerPoint slides. For example, write into the script “Slide 1” or “Next slide” to denote a transition.
  • It is NOT good practice to leave blanks “________” in the script that you will fill in on the fly. The change in demeanor is always obvious. Try to have a complete script at all times.
  • Keep in mind that text formatting such as custom fonts, bold, or italics will not transfer properly onto the teleprompter. The teleprompter displays plain white text. If you need to include emphasis in your script, use CAPS or **asterisks** around such words. Line breaks and bullet points will be fine, but indentations may not display correctly.
  • If you feel uncomfortable reading a script, you may want to instead use bullet points for each slide in order to remind yourself of what topics you intend to cover.

Delivering Your Files

  • We ask that your PowerPoint presentation (and script if being used) be delivered at least two business days prior to your recording session. Please deliver the files to your Instructional Designer.
  • In the case that you do not have an Instructional designer, please deliver your files to Delivering two days early gives our staff time to review your presentation and provide feedback that may improve the final product.
  • PowerPoints must be submitted as a .ppt or .pptx
  • Scripts must be submitted as a .doc or .docx

Recording Session

  • A recording session can be booked for a maximum of 2-hours and a minimum of 30-minutes (we may accommodate special circumstances). We do not advise recording for longer than 2-hours, as the quality of the lectures will often begin to suffer.
  • We ask that you please arrive 15-minutes prior to your scheduled recording session. It is also recommended to bring a bottle of water.
  • For clothing, avoid wearing the color green for green screen recordings, black or dark blue for Mediasite recordings, and tight patterns for all recordings as these may cause technical artifacts in the video.
  • A studio technician will be on hand for the entire session to monitor the recording and handle all audio-video production responsibilities in order to ensure our strict quality standards are met. Studio staff will also handle post-production editing of your video.
  • During your presentation, you will be in control of advancing the PowerPoint slides by using a handheld remote clicker.
  • If using a script, the Studio Tech will scroll your script in the teleprompter, keeping up with your pace.