Green Screen

Green screen is a powerful multimedia tool for video presentations and online lectures.

  • Allows presenter to interact directly with the content on the same screen.
  • PowerPoint slides can include animations, transitions, and embedded videos.
  • Slides must leave at least 1/3 blank margin on the side where the presenter will stand, to not cover any content.
  • Unlike with Mediasite recordings, slides cannot be updated after the initial recording.
CITT green screen

Green Screen Samples


  • Green screen recording superimposes the presenter over the PowerPoint presentation. With a green backdrop, software removes all shades of green and replaces it with your content.
  • The presenter must not wear any green (or even teal) clothing for these recordings.
Example of green screen compositing.

Example of green screen compositing.

Wearing green will cause unwanted compositing effects.

Wearing green will cause unwanted compositing effects.


  • Presenters have a reference monitor to view themselves during the recording, as well as an optional teleprompter for a script.
  • All on-screen and closed-captioned text is searchable in Mediasite presentations, allowing students to find the exact content they are looking for.
  • Adding the iPad to your green screen presentation increases interactivity: annotate slides, highlight specific text, work through equations on-screen, pinch-to-zoom and use a virtual laser pointer.
iPad demo

iPad Demo