Green Screen

Green screen is a powerful multimedia tool for video presentations, allowing the presenter to interact with the material using video, audio, and animations.

Sample of a green screen presentation.

 Green Screen Format

  • A green screen recording overlays the presenter on top of their PowerPoint presentation. By using a green backdrop, the computer will erase the green and replace it with an image.
  • The presenter must not wear any green clothing.
Example of green screen compositing.

Example of green screen compositing.


Wearing green will cause unwanted compositing effects.

Wearing green will cause unwanted compositing effects.

  • During the recording session, the presenter will have access to a teleprompter to view a script, if desired.
  • A reference monitor will display a live feed of the presenter in front of their PowerPoint exactly as it is being recorded.
  • Since the presenter will be overlaid on top of the PowerPoint, please leave a 1/3rd blank margin on each slide where the presenter will stand, so as not to cover up any content.

Leave a margin in your slides for you to stand in.

 No Slide Editing

  • Because we do our green screen recordings live, green screen presentation slides cannot be changed or adjusted after the recording.
  • Any issues or errors on the slide must be fixed prior to recording to prevent re-recording your presentation if a mistake is found after your recording session.

Full Motion Video and Animation in Slides

  • Green screen lectures give you the ability to incorporate animations, transitions and videos into your PowerPoints.
  • Multimedia tools can enhance a presentation or demonstration of a concept, if you choose to include them.