Mediasite is the preferred recording format. It allows for flexible, easy-to-update presentations with lightning-fast turnaround time.

  • Mediasite is a rich media webcast, preferred for online lectures.
  • This format provides the additional flexibility of easily updating your PowerPoint slides, even after the recording is completed.
  • PowerPoint slides can use all available space in this recording style.
  • Slides in Mediasite cannot include animations, transitions, or embedded videos.
  • The Mediasite player displays dual-content windows, the presenter in one and PowerPoint slides in the other.

Example of a Mediasite video.


  • Since these presentations are in front of a black backdrop, avoid wearing black and darker clothing.
low contrast

Example of dark clothing against dark background.


  • Presenters have a reference monitor to view their slides during the recording, as well as an optional teleprompter for a script.
  • All on-screen and closed-captioned text is searchable in Mediasite presentations, allowing students to find the exact content they are looking for.