Mediasite is the preferred recording format. It allows for flexible, easy-to-update presentations with lightning-fast turnaround time.

Mediasite Format

Mediasite is a rich media webcast that is the preferred recording method for most online lectures. Mediasite is the most flexible format as the PowerPoint slides can be easily edited and updated after the recording is completed. The Mediasite video player displays dual content windows, one containing video of the presenter and the other displaying the PowerPoint.  In Mediasite presentations, content within your slides is searchable, making it easy for students to find exactly what they are looking for.

Example of a Mediasite video.


  • Because the presenter will be filmed in front of a black backdrop, it is recommended to avoid wearing black or extremely dark colors.

Example of dark clothing against dark background.

PowerPoint Format

  • During the recording session, the presenter will have access to a teleprompter to view a script, if desired. A reference monitor will display your PowerPoint slides.
  • The PowerPoint slides are captured separately from the presenter. You may utilize the entire slide for content.

No Full Motion Video and Animation in Slides

  • Slides must not contain animations or embedded video, as Mediasite captures still images of the slides rather than a live video feed.