Other Services

Video Services offers several innovative and interactive learning tools such as the iPad, screencast voiceover presentations, light board access, and more.

CITT Location Video Services

The Center for Instructional Technology & Training also offers location video services for special projects that extend beyond the scope of the traditional lecture format.

  • Field video
  • Offsite facility tours
  • Laboratory demonstrations
  • Museum Exhibitions
  • “Person-on-the-street” style interviews
  • Guest lecturers
  • Testimonials
  • Promotional
  • Event coverage
  • Special creative projects
Location Shoot Thumbnail 01

Example of a location shoot.

Location Shoot Thumbnail 02

Example of a “Person-On-The-Street” style interview.

iPad Interactive Presentations

With an iPad there are a number of versatile apps that can be used for recording presentations and enhance the viewer experience. Click on the video below to watch an example.

  • iPad
iPad video

Example of using an iPad.



Other Services

  • Audio Services: Professional microphones and sound recording workstation.
  • Screencasts: Record a computer screen together with a voice-over.
  • Post Production: Titles, motion graphics, and some limited special effects.
  • Special Projects: We can work with you to help you create presentations that extend beyond the scope of the traditional lecture format (projects and scripts must get CITT approval before any production can begin).
  • Document Camera:  Overhead camera recordings for writing or math related presentations.

Demonstration of a document-camera recording


  • In-Studio Interviews:

Example of a two-camera interview.