Group work is a powerful instructional strategy that encourages deep engagement with content through active and social learning.  Successful group assignments and activities allow students to exercise collaborative skills in order to create something together that individually they would not, or could not.

Best Practices

  • Design group assignments/activities around a question or problem that require interaction and collaboration
    • Activities that require consensus building or problem solving work best
  • Devote time to team building
  • Provide resources
    • Specific guidelines, expectations (rubrics)
    • Where to look for materials
    • Soft wares to use, tutorials
  • Use short or multiple intermediate deadlines for long-term group assignments
  • Explain and model expectations for group interactions
    • communication methods, frequency, tone
  • Allow groups to compare their work and provide feedback for improvement
  • Allow group mates the opportunity to evaluate each other
  • Create a high degree of individual accountability within the group assignment