Authentic Assessment in Online Learning


Authentic assessment, also commonly called performance based assessment, focuses on applying the concepts students have learned to real world situations and requiring them to complete meaningful task-based assessments, rather than simply asking students to recall information on a traditional examination. This type of assessment, in which the assessment guides the curriculum, engages a variety of skills, and measures higher levels of learning than traditional assessment. Best practice dictates incorporating a mixture of both authentic and traditional assessment methods.

Authentic assessment is especially important to employ in the online classroom to keep students engaged and actively learning. Read on to find authentic assessment examples and resources to help you implement authentic assessment in your online course.

Best Practices and Instructional Resources

Authentic Assessment Examples

Steps to Develop Authentic Assessment

  1. Identify Standards of Assessment
  2. Select Task for students to perform
  3. Identify essential performance criteria for task
  4. Develop rubric (Mueller, 2014)

Research and Further Reading


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