Authentic Assessment

Artist Research Presentation

Artist research presentation VoiceThread example

Authentic assessments allow students to apply newly acquired knowledge and skills, rather than simply relying on rote memorization. Using VoiceThread, an interactive and collaborative tool centered on media-rich presentations, students can present information to their peers, who then have the capability of adding commentary via text, audio, or video.


Evaluation and Group Presentation

Authentic assessments facilitate group work, including evaluation, interpretation, and presentation. When used in concert with peer-to-peer and group-to-group interaction, the assignments yield a deep understanding of course material.

Evaluation and presentation with VoiceThread example


Organizational Chart Assignment

Organizational Chart assignment example

Authentic assessments keep students engaged and actively learning by requiring students to focus on applying the concepts to complete meaningful task-based assignments. Authentic assessments allow students a creative outlet to demonstrate what they have learned, rather than simply asking students to recall basic information.