Example Rubrics

Activity Rubric

Assignment Rubric example

Rubrics are a set of descriptive assessment criteria and performance levels. In the online learning environment, rubrics provide a means for consistent, fast grading and feedback.

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Discussion Rubric

Rubrics offer instructors a powerful feedback and communication tool in the online classroom. Rubrics clearly outline the essential components of an assignment and show students how they are being assessed. Rubrics should focus only on the most important components of an assignment while coaching for improvement, and not focusing on errors.

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Local News Discussion Rubric example


Writing Assignment Rubric

Writing Assignment Rubric example

Instructors can use well-designed rubrics as a tool to identify weak points and areas that might require remediation. It’s important to utilize constructive, objective, and specific language when establishing and differentiating performance level criteria, while also avoiding negative or imprecise language.

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