Course Samples

Here you will find samples of courses we have developed. Each one focuses on particular elements that make the course outstanding. The sample will highlight key elements of course design and implementation. Explore the Showcase page to dig deeper into a specific element of course design.

AEC6932 home page layout

AEC6932: Organizational Leadership

AEC6932 is designed to examine leadership as it relates to organizations and provide a knowledge base of theories, research and practices necessary for effective organizations. This course is intended for those individuals who are interested in positions of leadership within organizations and who want to learn more about making the organizations they lead more effective.
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AFA3930 hope page layout

AFA: African Americans and Asian Americans in Hip Hop

AFA3930 focuses on the participation and contributions of African Americans and Asian Americans in hip hop culture. It’s centered on honoring Afro-diasporic influences in the cultural genre. The course also addresses topics involving gender, sexuality, and racial boundaries in hip hop.
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ANS4932 home page layout

ANS4932: Introduction to Animal Science

ANS4932 explores the roles of beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, sheep, poultry, and horses in serving humans. The course introduces the anatomy and physiology of digestion, growth, reproduction, and the application of genetics to livestock improvement.
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ANT2140 home page layout

ANT2140: Introduction to World Archaeology

ANT2140 explores how archaeologists construct narratives about the past by analyzing the interactions between past peoples and their world. The course provides opportunities to discover how the lives and actions of these past people transformed their world into astounding cultural realms, and how that has shaped our world today.
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