AFA: African Americans and Asian Americans in Hip Hop

Home Page

AFA3930 hope page layout

Headers serve as aesthetically pleasing form of navigation for the student. When utilized properly, headers can reflect the tone and subject of the course while also hinting at the topic of the module. This also satisfies several requirements of the UF Standards and Markers of Excellence (UFSME) including the following marker:

Students are presented with an obvious starting point and clear directions on how to navigate the course.


Module Layout

This course uses the same header images seen in the front navigation page for each respective module. The use of icons is consistent throughout all module pages. We also utilized a “To Do List” structure, which is helpful for the students and satisfies the following UFSME marker:

Course organization and navigation is logical and consistent throughout the course.

AFA3930 module page layout


Socially Conscious Essay

essay directions and rubric example

Here we see an assignment prompt and grading rubric for a short essay. Providing clear instructions and grading criteria benefits the student greatly. Rubrics serve both as a checklist while completing an assignment and as a diagnostic for the student after the assignment is graded. The use of rubrics also satisfies the following UFSME marker:

Clear scoring criteria align with assignment instructions and are shared with students in advance of assignments.


Voice Thread Group Project

In this authentic assessment, students were broken into groups and tasked with creating a presentation that focused on a particular hip-hop artist. These types of assessments are enriching and generally yield a more creative and internalized output from the student. The use of authentic assessments also satisfies the following UFSME markers:

Team-based projects or activities, peer-review, and/or self-assessment are part of the course.

Students are given the opportunity to relate personal experiences and apply their background knowledge/skills to the coursework.

AFA3930 voicethread example