Interactive Learning

Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trip assignment example

As outlined in the UF Standards and Markers of Excellence, courses should contain interesting presentations and high-quality materials. Virtual Field Trips allow students to access remote locations that might otherwise be inaccessible in an engaging and informative manner.


Virtual Labs

A virtual laboratory is an interactive environment for creating and conducting simulated experiments. The goal of a virtual lab is to simulate physical laboratory experiments allowing students the opportunity to perform a task or conduct an experiment. Utilizing interactive learning tools such as virtual labs can provide online students with hands-on materials and activities to encourage higher-order thinking skills.

Virtual lab assignment example



VoiceThread assignment example

Create interactive assignments in which the students can collaborate on a presentation, timeline, report, or more. VoiceThread is an excellent tool for language practice, asynchronous conversations, presentations or speeches, storytelling, reflection, debate topics, and more.


Google Earth Assignments

Google Earth allows for instructors to create more engaging presentations by adapting their traditional lectures, while also providing students the opportunity for inquiry-based explorations. Whether it’s tracking animal behaviors, investigating weather patterns, or “visiting” locations of ancient civilizations, Google Earth can enhance the learning experience.  For more information on this assignment view the Google Earth Project Instructions.

Google earth assignment example



Collaboration assignment example

Students have the ability to collaborate on projects synchronously or asynchronously within Microsoft Office 365. This allows students to edit a PowerPoint presentation online without having to constantly download and upload the document. For more information on this assignment view the Collaboration Instructions.