Organization & Structure

Start Here

Start Here example

In accordance with the Course Accessibility, Design, & Organization requirement in the UF Standards and Markers of Excellence, all courses present an obvious starting point with clear directions on how to navigate the course.


Module Structure

As required by the UF Standards and Markers of Excellence, all course organization and navigation is logical and consistent throughout the course. Studies show that the greater consistency among course modules, the more satisfied students tend to be with their course, the more they perceive they have learned, and the more interaction they believe they have with their instructors.

Module Structure example


Content Pages


AFA3930 stucture example

In order to facilitate student engagement in online learning, courses should be organized into manageable groupings of content that have a similar layout and aesthetic design. This allows students the ability to find all of the necessary instructional materials in order to meet the learning objectives.



This content page is broken down into sections of key elements. The header image for this module is displayed at the top of the page, and the use of icons makes each section stand out on its own.

ENY2041C stucture example



CCJ4934 stucture example

The use of consistent structure and organization in content delivery allows students to easily navigate through the course and interact with the subject material.