On the street examples

on the street example

The Case of the Violinist

This video was produced for a course on Contemporary Moral Issues. In the video, the instructor asks passersby to consider what they would do if they suddenly awoke to find themselves surgically attached to a famous violinist who’s survival depended on them.

Watch Globalization for another example of an on the street video.


Location shoot examples

UF Dairy Facility Tour

This is a tour of a local dairy facility. Our studio team met the instructor on location and shot a walkthrough video of the facility capturing the inner workings of the operation while the instructor explains how it all works.

Watch Brain in a Vat for another example of a location video.

Dairy farm location shoot


Interview examples

Dr. Kendi interview

Dr. Kendi Interview

Interviews give instructors the ability to dig deeper in to subjects related to their course by inviting guests such as authors, experts, and people within an industry to speak with them on particular topics.

Watch Susan Paulson Interview for another example of an interview video.


iPad examples

Calculus Bootcamp

iPads can be utilized during live video captures giving instructors the ability to annotate their content on-the-fly or work out complex concepts step-by-step.

Watch Translators for another example of an iPad video.

iPad Sample of calculus bootcamp


Lightboard examples

Lightboard example


The Lightboard seamlessly blends modern technology with classic instructional methods by allowing instructors to mix digital text with handwritten text. It creates a striking presentation that is surprisingly easy on the eyes.

Watch German Lesson for another example of a lightboard video.