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Accessibility in the Online Classroom

Overview You can read about The University of Florida’s commitment to provide accessible content to people with disabilities on the UF Accessibility page. If you need to make existing material accessible in o...

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Bloom’s Taxonomy

Overview The original Taxonomy of Educational Objectives is commonly referred to as Bloom’s Taxonomy, named after Benjamin Bloom who devised a system of categorizing and classifying student learning objective...

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

The creative commons is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing an alternative to a traditional copyright. The creative commons license allows owners to release some copyright rights while retaining oth...

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A rubric is a system of grading that consists of a criteria chart outlining exactly what is to be evaluated in a piece of work. ...

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Web Conferencing

A web conference, also known as a webinar, refers to meetings or live presentations over the Internet. In a web conference each participant is connected to the other participants in real-time via the Internet. ...

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Writing Learning Objectives

When designing a course it is important to know what you want students to achieve during the semester. Ideally, students who receive a passing grade should master a set of skills they can take with them and app...