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Blended Learning and the Flipped Classroom

In their Blended Learning infographic, Knewton defines blended learning as any situation in which “…a student learns, at least in part, at a brick-and-mortar facility and through online delivery with studen...

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Bloom’s Taxonomy

Overview The original Taxonomy of Educational Objectives is commonly referred to as Bloom’s Taxonomy, named after Benjamin Bloom who devised a system of categorizing and classifying student learning objective...

Chickering and Gamson

Chickering and Gamson 7 Rules for Undergraduate Education

7 principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education By Arthur W. Chickering and Zelda F. Gamson. “The Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education” was published in 1987 by Arthur W....


Gagne’s 9 Events of Instruction

Gagne's book, The Conditions of Learning, first published in 1965, identified the mental conditions for learning. These were based on the information processing model of the mental events that occur when adults...

Howard Gardner

Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

The theory of multiple intelligences was developed by Howard Gardner in response to a growing trend in schools of focusing on linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences. Gardner identified nine intellige...

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Writing Learning Objectives

When designing a course it is important to know what you want students to achieve during the semester. Ideally, students who receive a passing grade should master a set of skills they can take with them and app...