Online Journaling

Last Updated: February 23rd, 2017

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Online journaling assignments and other reflective writing assignments can be used in traditional, blended, or online courses to help create a sense of community, or to provide reflective writing practice. Some writing tools also encourage further engagement by providing peer review, self-assessment, or collaborative editing capabilities.

Application to All Courses

  • As a low-stakes writing activity, journaling can be used to assess students’ writing ability and to provide practice and feedback.
  • The process of providing feedback on student journaling assignments can be used to model appropriate communication between peers in an academic setting.
  • Students may become actively engaged when they reflect critically on content.
  • In comparison to grading hand-written journals, faculty can respond to online journal postings quickly and easily. In some cases, the grading and feedback can be provided directly within the LMS.
  • The likelihood of learning is improved when students’ perceive that their instructor cares about their personal academic achievement.

Getting Started

Additional Resources

The following tools may be used for online journaling assignments:

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