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Last Updated: March 13th, 2018

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Disclaimer: As of April 2016 Apple does not support QuickTime on Windows. We do not recommend using QuickTime on Windows due to resulting security issues.


QuickTime is a well-known media player used to view, edit, record and convert video files. It supports most of the modern video formats and has the ability to open audio, still images and even virtual reality formats. The free version of QuickTime is basically used to view media, but the professional version of the software has many features that educators and students may find useful.

QuickTime Pro Features

The cost for going pro may seem minimal compared to its functionality. For a nominal sum you can unlock features including:

  • Save files from the Internet
  • Edit audio and video
  • Record audio (Mac OS X and Windows) and video (Mac OS X only)
  • Add special effects
  • Create slideshows
  • Create a still image from a movie
  • Convert and save video, audio, and images to more than a hundred standard formats

As with most things Apple, you get the most functionality of QuickTime Pro when using other Apple devices such as a recent iPhone or iPad.  Connecting an iDevice to your Mac will allow you to record the screen of your device. This could prove especially useful for demonstrating the use of an app or functionality of iOS to your students.  If you aren’t keen on purchasing the professional version you can always check out some other screen recording options from our Tools page:

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Accessibility Statement

Keep accessibility in mind as you develop course content and build assignments and assessments. Many online tools are not fully accessible, so it’s important to think about how you will make the assignment accessible if requested. The Disability Resource Center and the UF Accessibility page will guide you in making appropriate accommodations. You can also find out more about accessibility at our toolbox page on Accessibility in the Online Classroom.

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