Quizlet is a free online study tool that students may use to choose from a variety of interactive study activities including flashcards, matching activities, and other learning games. Students can create their own study sets, use existing sets that have been shared in Quizlet, and can even join a course Quizlet page if the instructor has created one. Quizlet can be used within a learning management system (LMS), or can be shared with students via email or web URL.

Application to All Courses

Quizlet can be used in any course where students must memorize definitions or terms, or must associate a word or definition with a sound or picture. For example, students can use Quizlet to learn terms for biology, to study vocabulary for a foreign language, or to study events and dates for a history course.

Some of the advantages of incorporating flashcards and the other learning games into your courses are that they:

  • Promote active learning
  • Provide a chance for self-assessment
  • Provide immediate feedback
  • Allow students to be less self-conscious during practice
  • Provide challenges with attainable goals and known rules


With a Quizlet account, you can search for existing sets using the search bar at the top of the Quizlet page. Here are a few example searches of sets that are public:

Astronomy sets

Biology sets

French sets

Examples of Quizlet in Education

Getting Started

First, sign up for a Quizlet account at Quizlet.com.

To find existing study sets on Quizlet, you can use the Quizlet search bar.

If you want to create a Class in Quizlet for your students to join, follow these steps: How can teachers use quizlet?

If you want to add Quizlet into your course site, you can embed the Quizlet using the embed code, or you may be able to add the Quizlet app to your course within your LMS.

You can also ask students to use Quizlet outside of the LMS, either through the Quizlet website, on their mobile device using the Quizlet App. Quizlet is available as a free app for most mobile devices.

Please contact the CITT if you would like assistance incorporating Quizlet into your UF eLearning course site.

Additional Resources

Quizlet for Teachers: Getting Started page

Slideshare: Importing lists into Quizlet

Edshelf: Quizlet Review & Tutorial

Supporting Research

Whitton, Nicola. (2010). Learning with Digital Games: A Practical Guide to Engaging Students in Higher Education, Routledge, New York, NY, pp. 41-42.

Accessibility Statement

Keep accessibility in mind as you develop course content and build assignments and assessments. Many online tools are not fully accessible, so it’s important to think about how you will make the assignment accessible if requested. The Disability Resource Center and the UF Accessibility page will guide you in making appropriate accommodations. You can also find out more about accessibility at our toolbox page on Accessibility in the Online Classroom.

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