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Self-evaluation refers to reviewing one’s own performance critically. Self-evaluations can be done individually or in the context of a larger review.

Application to All Courses


  • Instructors can use student evaluations to assess student participation.
  • Instructors can give feedback to students on their self evaluation to encourage critical thinking, setting goals, and tips to improve learning.

Instructor Evaluation:

  • Instructors can gain knowledge about what works and what does not work to improve their future teaching methods, class environment, and work structure.
  • Instructors can use student evaluations to see where they can modify their class to improve learning in areas that students feel they are lacking.

Student Evaluation:

  • Students can gain knowledge about how to improve learning, study, participation, and communication skills.
  • Self-evaluation shifts the responsibility of learning and assessment of learning to the student.

Getting Started

  • Self-evaluation refers to reviewing one’s own performance critically.
  • When asking a student to evaluate their own work it is often necessary to provide the student with a rubric to establish what they are evaluating.
  • There are various tools and techniques available for students when self-evaluating including:

Additional Resources

Articles–Journal and Academic

Articles–Blogs, Websites, Wikis

For more information on tools and techniques available to assist in self-evaluation visit:

Accessibility Statement

Keep accessibility in mind as you develop course content and build assignments and assessments. Many online tools are not fully accessible, so it’s important to think about how you will make the assignment accessible if requested. The Disability Resource Center and the UF Accessibility page will guide you in making appropriate accommodations. You can also find out more about accessibility at our toolbox page on Accessibility in the Online Classroom.

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