Virtual Laboratories

Last Updated: March 13th, 2018

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A virtual laboratory is an interactive environment for creating and conducting simulated experiments.

Application to All Resources

Critical Thinking:

  • To provide students with hands on materials and activities.
  • To encourage higher order thinking skills.


  • To simulate physical laboratory experiments.
  • To allow students the opportunity to perform a task or conduct an experiment.


Getting Started

There are many simulations available for free on the internet at sites such as the Virtual Chemistry Lab at the University of Oxford.

Additional Resources

For information on similar tools visit:

Accessibility Statement

Keep accessibility in mind as you develop course content and build assignments and assessments. Many online tools are not fully accessible, so it’s important to think about how you will make the assignment accessible if requested. The Disability Resource Center and the UF Accessibility page will guide you in making appropriate accommodations. You can also find out more about accessibility at our toolbox page on Accessibility in the Online Classroom.

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