Additional Trainings

The CITT offers a variety of training opportunities, including face-to-face, flipped, and fully online settings. Topics address both pedagogical and technological content.

Mapping Objectives

Course Mapping Camp

Create a pedagogically sound blueprint for any online, flipped, or hybrid course at this 2-day in-person workshop. Instructors from all disciplines are welcome to attend, and no educational background is necessary. We will teach you to create or modify course goals and learning objectives, and align them with a variety of assessment types.
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ID Workshop home page

CITT ID Workshop

The CITT ID Workshop simultaneously overviews the instructional design process and highlights the pedagogical building blocks of online course design and management. Participants will experience an online learning environment from the student perspective while exploring data -supported theory and methods through lectures, readings, research, resources, models and optional activities.
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Flipped classroom workshop home page

Flipped Classroom

This workshop provides a solid foundation for the best practices of the flipped classroom. The workshop models flipped classroom strategies by assigning participants pre-readings and a readiness assessment quiz. Each lesson modeled uses a template that is easily adaptable for instructors of all subject areas!
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e-learning analytics workshop home page

Using e-Learning Data to Improve Learning

Learn to use e-Learning quiz statistics and analytics to help identify struggling students, enhance assessment reliability and validity, and improve student learning. Participants will learn how to interpret various activity graphs, and evaluate quizzes and quiz questions for effectiveness.
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