CITT ID Workshop


The CITT ID Workshop simultaneously overviews the instructional design process and highlights the pedagogical building blocks of online course design and management. Participants will experience an online learning environment from the student perspective while exploring data -supported theory and methods through lectures, readings, research, resources, models and optional activities. This workshop is open to any interested instructors or support staff.

This workshop is open to any interested instructors and can be completed in 5 -7 hours on your own schedule. The CITT ID workshop is highly recommended for any instructor interested in developing an online, blended or hybrid course, flipped classroom or MOOC.

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Modules are self-paced and can be completed in any order. Each module is structured in a consistent manner in an effort to make the participant more comfortable with the distance-learning format.


Start Here

The Start Here section provides an overview of the workshop’s goals and structure. Participants will find similar manageable groupings of content throughout the course that allow for easy navigation and interaction with the subject material.

ID Workshop overview


Workshop Organization

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Within a module, each topic introduced will include key concepts, instructional materials, and optional practice quizzes. We strive for simplicity in creating our courses as studies have shown that with greater consistency among course modules, the more individuals feel they have learned, and the more satisfied they tend to be with their courses.


Example Assignments and Activities

In creating assignments for the online learning environment, the instructor should create activities that keep students actively engaged. After reviewing materials intended to assist in recognizing components of quality assessment and evaluation methods, participants are provided sample assignments from a variety of course topics.

Example of ID Workshop activities


Example Discussion Prompts

Example of Prompts

A discussion board allows students to wrestle with course concepts, answer questions in interactive settings, and respond to one another. The sample discussion included highlights the importance of asking questions that require reflection, interpretation, analysis and problem solving, elicit relevant personal anecdotes, and require students to connect past learning to present material.


Certificate of Completion

After working through the CITT Instructional Design Workshop, participants will have the option to complete a final assessment. Here, individuals are assessed on their knowledge of course design and their ability to put best practices to work in the online learning environment. Upon receiving a passing score, individuals automatically receive a certificate of completion.

Example of Certificate of Completion