Peer Review Workshop


This workshop introduces the best practices of online peer review. Participants will emerge with a full understanding of the mechanics, advantages and limitations of the peer review feature in e-Learning.

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Peer review workshop home page

The day before the workshop, participants will receive a welcome email with instructions for accessing pre-workshop materials and details on the tasks they are expected to complete. During the workshop, facilitators will guide participants through the process of creating and managing a peer reviewed assignment in e-Learning.


Workshop Organization

The workshop is organized to allow participants to easily navigate to specific skills and concepts. The goal is to ensure participants are comfortable with the distance-learning format, and will reference the workshop materials when future questions arise.

Peer review workshop module organization


Best Practices

Best Practice Peer Review

In peer reviewed assignments, one must read, compare, or question ideas, suggest modifications, or even reflect how well one’s own work is compared with others. When reviewing the best practices, facilitators will cover how to implement a peer-reviewed assignment in an online learning environment.


Creating a Peer Review Assignment

Peer reviewed assignments allow individuals the opportunity to read summaries of important topics provided by their peers and obtain critical insight from others’ work throughout the review process. In this workshop, facilitators will guide participants through the steps of creating a peer-review assignment within e-Learning.

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Managing a Peer Review Assignment

Managing Peer Review

After modeling the initial peer review setup, facilitators will demonstrate how to effectively manage a peer review assignment in e-Learning. This includes how to assign or remove a peer review, check whether one was completed, or remind a student to complete one.



Throughout the peer review process, students are provided more insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their work. This workshop allows participants the opportunity to see the process by which students are evaluating one another and how this information can be used in grading an assignment.

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