Accessible Online Environments


This self-paced online training provides instruction on how to design online courses with accessibility in mind. The training covers different types of accessibility needs and suggestions for making an online course more accessible. After completing the training, participants will have a full understanding of how to improve online accessibility for all students.

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Accessible Online Environments home page

Modules can be completed in the suggested order or participants can select a specific topic of interest. Each module includes lectures, assignments, and activities that address the following accessibility needs for vision, hearing, cognitive, and physical limitations.


Training Organization

The training is structured to allow participants to easily navigate to specific accessibility needs. Each module includes a content page that introduces the key concepts, instructional materials, and activities for a variety of accessibility needs. The goal is to ensure participants are comfortable with the distance-learning format, and will reference the training materials when future questions or situations arise.

Accessible Online Environments Course Structure


Content Page Layout

Module 3 Color Contrast

Each content page is structured in a consistent manner in an effort to make the participant more comfortable with the distance-learning format. Participants will have opportunities to apply and demonstrate what they’ve learned by completing quizzes and hands on activities. Most modules include short lectures, activities, quizzes, assignments and supplemental material. These materials prepare participants to address the various challenges that accessibility needs will bring.


Color Contrast Activity

The color contrast activity will allow participants to demonstrate some of the concepts they will learn about color contrast that will assist individuals who are colorblind. Participants will learn how to use the color contrast checker that test the foreground color and against the background color. The activity will help participants apply what they have learned with hopes of them leaving the training satisfied with their learning experience.

WebAIM Color Checker

Adobe Color wheel


Transcript Assignment

The assignments in the training are well crafted and practical. The graded assignments are designed for training participants to practice executing concepts they will use once the training is over. The highlighted assignment will give participants the opportunity to use a script to create a transcript for a video. Transcripts assist in providing your course content to those with audio and visual learning needs.

transcript assignment


PDF Accessibility Activity

PDF Activity

The highlighted assignment will give participants some good practice to determine which issues are necessary to fix in a pdf. Participants will have the opportunity to download a pdf with accessibility issues, use the accessibility checker to identify issues, and determine which issues are necessary to fix. Appraising the accessibility of a pdf before it is used in an online course is critical for students with visual disabilities that use screen readers.