Engaging Online Learners


Engaging Online Learners uses research-supported studies to examine and model best practice in online course design. Participants will experience the online learning environment from the student perspective while working through activities intended to demonstrate mastery of a variety of topics including designing for student success, aligning student learning objectives, and creating engaging and accessible presentations.

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In applying best practices, each module is consistent in structure and organization in an effort to make learners more comfortable with the online-learning environment. Participants must complete a required module activity before gaining access to subsequent modules.


Maintaining Academic Rigor

The Maintaining Academic Rigor module guides participants through the process and time commitment of developing a rigorous online course. Participants will review instructional material on what to expect when developing a rigorous course that engages online learners. At the end of the module, participants will apply what they have learned by improving activities to promote academic rigor.

Rigor module


Creating Measurable Student Learning Objectives

SLO module

The Creating Measurable Student Learning Objectives module guides participants through the process of writing measurable learning objectives for course modules. Participants will review course goals and learning objectives, analyze a topic, and apply Bloom’s Taxonomy when writing learning objectives. The module ends with participants completing an activity that will guide them through the process of writing measurable student learning objectives for a module topic of their choice.


Lectures and Videos

The Lectures and Videos module will help participants to decide what type of video recording is appropriate for their course. Participants will explore best practices for recording lectures, including accessibility issues in lecture materials and how to make online instructional videos compelling. The module ends with participants identifying accessibility concerns in lecture materials and providing solutions.

Lectures and Videos module


Badge of Completion

Engaging Online Learners badge

This is the first offering in a three-part series designed for participants to earn a Best Practice in Online Education certificate of completion. Successful completion of all course requirements earns participants an open badge. This includes a course description and the criteria required to receive the badge.