Academic Integrity


Academic Integrity provides participants the opportunity to discover what constitutes plagiarism and understand how students intentionally and unintentionally violate university honor code. Participants will be equipped with strategies to effectively design a course that cultivates a culture of academic integrity.

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The course structure includes the following modules: Start Here, Academic Integrity, and Resources and Supporting Research to allow participants effortless navigation through the course while interacting with instructional material. The Start Here module provides the welcome, introducing an overview of the goals, and the requirements needed for completion. Participants will receive guided feedback from a facilitator as they matriculate through the course.

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Academic Integrity

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The Academic Integrity module introduces participants to what constitutes plagiarism and cheating. Participants will review lectures and readings that help them discover why students plagiarize and how to implement inclusive practices for addressing academic integrity. Participants will actively learn how to recognize academic dishonesty and promote a culture of academic honesty in a course utilizing online tools.


Principles of Effective Instruction Certificate of Completion

This is one of the optional professional development opportunities in the Principles of Effective Instruction Certificate of Completion. To receive the certificate of completion, you must complete five of the eight opportunities listed below.