Flexible Assessments


Participants will utilize design strategies, clear communication, and feedback to recognize barriers and challenges in creating and implementing flexible assessments in the learning environment. 

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The homepage is designed to allow students to easily navigate through the course, interact with the instructional materials, and meet the learning objectives. The Start Here module will provide an overview of the goals, information on accessing Course Reserves, and the requirements for completing the professional development opportunity. 


Flexible Assessments

The Flexible Assessments module guides participants through the basics of flexible assessments, allows for an opportunity to apply these principles in designing a flexible assessment activity, and provides a chance to analyze potential benefits and challenges of the implementation process.


Principles of Effective Instruction Certificate of Completion

This is one of the optional professional development opportunities in the Principles of Effective Instruction Certificate of Completion. To receive the certificate of completion, you must complete five of the eight opportunities listed below.