Instructional Media


Instructional Media focuses on the creation of effective online lectures using technology. Participants will analyze the benefits of using engaging online lectures in their instruction, as well as the best practices for producing quality videos in eLearning.

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When accessing Instructional Media, participants land on a homepage with an inviting layout that provides for easy navigation. The Start Here module will provide an overview of the goals and explain how to successfully complete the course.


Instructional Media Module

The Instructional Media module contains readings, a lecture, and the required activity that must be completed in order for this course to count towards the Principles of Effective Instruction certificate of completion. Participants are provided with objectives and a to-do list before diving into the instructional materials.


Principles of Effective Instruction Certificate of Completion

This is one of the optional professional development opportunities in the Principles of Effective Instruction Certificate of Completion. To receive the certificate of completion, you must complete five of the eight opportunities listed below.