Recognize and Respond to At-Risk Students


Recognize and Respond to At-Risk Students provides participants the opportunity to understand the basic principles of recognizing academically at-risk students and apply appropriate intervention strategies in eLearning. Participants will adapt their feedback to specific challenges and risk factors that students face in higher education.

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The course features the following: Recognizing At-Risk Students and Responding to At-Risk Students. In order to receive the certificate of completion participants have to successfully complete two required activities located in the aforementioned modules. The modules are structured to help guide them through the course, while receiving feedback from a facilitator.


Recognizing At-Risk Students

The Recognizing At-Risk Students module shows participants how to identify indicators and list potential characteristics of at-risk students. Participants will then analyze risk factors that affect college student success.


Responding to At-Risk Students

The Responding to At-Risk Students module guides participants through the process of providing appropriate and specific feedback to at-risk students. Participants will also apply strategies and identify resources to support academically at-risk students in the module activity.


Principles of Effective Instruction Certificate of Completion

This is one of the optional professional development opportunities in the Principles of Effective Instruction Certificate of Completion. To receive the certificate of completion, you must complete five of the eight opportunities listed below.