Rethinking Assessment Certificate

The Rethinking Assessment Certification explores ways to improve student achievement by providing instructors with the tools necessary to successfully implement a more student-focused learning environment. This series will address the fundamentals, strategies, and implementation of non-traditional assessments, the design and application of rubrics and feedback, and the utilization of course analytics and quiz statistics in e-Learning.


nontraditional assessment home page

Non-Traditional Assessments

In this workshop, participants will explore strategies and tools to develop non-traditional assessments in the online and face-to-face learning environment. Participants will engage in assessment strategies that include authentic assessments, case-based learning, concept mapping and more.
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Rubrics and Feedback Homepage

Rubrics and Feedback

Participants developed rubrics using guidelines and best practices. In this workshop, participants also explored and practiced giving formative and summative feedback.
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course analytics and quiz statistics home page

Course Analytics and Quiz Statistics

Participants used e-Learning course analytics and quiz statistics to help identify struggling students, enhance assessment reliability and validity, and improve student learning. Participants also interpreted various activity graphs, evaluated quizzes to make predictions, and prescribed appropriate interventions where needed to improve those outcomes. Facilitators assisted participants with analyzing student performance from an actual course.
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