Designing an Inclusive Course


This training provides opportunities to learn and apply methods for designing a course that recognizes the diversity of UF students and empowers all students equally. Participants will leave the course with a revision to one aspect of their course and direction on next steps they can take to make their course materials, organization, or assessments more inclusive.

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Module 1 and 2 headers

At the end of this training, learners will be able to

  • Recognize the diversity of UF students and how that connects to their student experience
  • Identify and apply strategies for making a course more inclusive
  • Develop confidence to take ownership of inclusivity and accessibility without discouraging student agency



Each module includes specific topics and strategies for designing an inclusive course, including understanding inclusive course design basics, implementing Universal Design for Learning principles into assignment design, incorporating diverse voices and identities into course content, increasing the transparence for assignment instructions, and setting an inclusive tone with an inviting syllabus.

Module 3 header with examples of objectives



Capstone header and purpose

Throughout the training, participants will brainstorm changes they can make to their course design practices. These will culminate in a capstone project that will allow each learner to choose one aspect of their course to revise. Everyone who completes the course will immediately be able to implement one aspect of the training and will leave with a plan for other possible revisions to their course design.



This is intended to be the first training in a three-part series designed for participants to earn the Teaching for Inclusivity and Accessibility certificate of completion. Successful completion of all training requirements earns participants an open badge. This includes a course description and the criteria required to receive the badge.

Designing an Inclusive Course Badge