Do you want to increase student engagement and enhance your students’ acquisition of knowledge? Would you like your students to start taking more ownership of their learning? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then be sure to register for the UFIT CITT Introductory Active Learning for Course Design Workshop. Active Learning is a powerful teaching strategy, and in this half-day workshop, you will participate in hands-on active learning activities that you can incorporate directly into your instruction.


This workshop will enable instructors to:

  • Define active learning.
  • Participate in active learning activities.
  • Discuss their goals for attending this active learning workshop.
  • Analyze active learning strategies by levels of complexity.
  • Create active learning assessments that align with learning objectives.
  • Implement an active learning strategy in a course and reflect on the experience.



  • Complete a survey in Canvas in which you identify which active learning strategies you have previously utilized.
  • Read about and briefly summarize an assigned active learning technique on a discussion forum in Canvas.


  • Attend a half-day session (8:30AM-1:00PM)
    • You will participate in hands-on activities based on active learning techniques.
    • You will create three active learning assessments that you can utilize in your instruction.
    • You will give and receive feedback throughout the workshop.


  • Create a lesson plan that utilizes at least one active learning strategy.
  • Reflect upon the experience in a Canvas discussion forum.


In order to obtain the Introductory Active Learning for Course Design badge, you must meet all workshop expectations outlined above (Pre-Workshop, Workshop, and Post-Workshop). Register today!

Active Learning for Beginners Workshop Badge