Artist research presentation VoiceThread example


To achieve higher-order learning levels, assessments should be varied and provide students the opportunity to demonstrate content mastery by engaging with the course materials more deeply.
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Course Samples

View samples of courses designed with CITT to see how we help instructors create high quality and interactive content, assignments, and courses as well as select and implement tools that increase engagement, learning, and success.
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CCJ4934 headers


Working with an Instructional Designer can ensure well-designed ADA compliant course graphics that reinforce content and further key concepts.
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In-Class Components Student Directed Learning


The flipped or hybrid model is a method that provides students content through electronic means prior to a class, or meeting, so that the time spent face-to-face can be better spent applying practical skills.
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Virtual Field Trip assignment example

Interactive Learning

Interactive learning assesses students on higher order thinking skills in an engaging and informative manner.
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ENY2041C stucture example

Organization & Structure

Adhering to the UF Standards and Markers of Excellence, courses are organized in a consistent manner, with a logical starting point, and clear information on how to navigate the course.
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Storyline Drag and Drop example

Student Resources

Providing supplemental activities allows students the opportunity to complete a self-assessment, while aligning with the expectations outlined in the UF Standards and Markers of Excellence.
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In creating high quality and interesting presentations, instructors can choose from a variety of services intended to enhance the student learning experience.
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