Scaffolded Assignments

ANT3141 Scaffolded Assignment

ANT3141 Scaffolded Assignment Example

This is a semester-long assignment that is broken down into three assignments, with two of them being peer-reviewed. Students are required to create an individual presentation on a specific civilization and work in groups to create a presentation comparing and contrasting their civilization with that of another. The culminating activity is another individual presentation that encompasses Project 1 and Project 2 with an additional component of the current state of the civilization.

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SYA4930 Scaffolded Assignment

This scaffolded assignment incorporates the use of a debate format over the course of seven days. Students first watch documentaries to familiarize themselves with the topic, and as the days progress the complexities of the assignments increase.

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Walmart Debate example


WST3371 Scaffolded Assignment

WST3371 Scaffolded Assignment

In the first two parts of this scaffolded assignment, students spend time analyzing a company. The culminating activity tasks students with answering a series of questions based on which college graduates they would recruit and hire for their firm.