ANS4932: Introduction to Animal Science

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ANS4932 explores the roles of beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, sheep, poultry, and horses in serving humans. The course introduces the anatomy and physiology of digestion, growth, reproduction, and the application of genetics to livestock improvement. Introduction to Animal Science utilized a variety of student resources intended to reinforce key concepts.


Course Discussion Boards

Discussion boards are intended to recreate the conversation that occurs in a traditional classroom, by providing a forum for students to wrestle with class topics, answer questions in an interactive setting, and respond to one another. It’s important to ask questions that require reflection, interpretation, elicit personal anecdotes, and require students to connect past learning material to present.

ANS4932 Discussion Example



Quizlet Flashcards example

Instructors can utilize flashcards as a way to supplement course content and comply with the expectations outlined in the UF Standards and Markers of Excellence. Whether used as a study tool or remedial resource, this activity provides an excellent opportunity to review key concepts.


Drag and Drop Activities

Instructors can utilize matching activities as a way to encourage self-assessment. Prior to completing a graded assignment, students have the opportunity to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses to target identified deficiencies.

Egg activity exmple


Identification Activities

Fill in the Blank Activity

Identification activities supplement course content by allowing students the opportunity to assess their knowledge on a given topic. Depending on the outcome of the practice activity, students can decide to review the course materials or move on to the graded assessment.


Virtual Field Trips

As outlined in the UF Standards and Markers of Excellence, courses should contain interesting presentations and high quality materials. Virtual Field Trips allow students to access remote locations that might otherwise be inaccessible in an engaging and informative manner.

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