ANT2140: Introduction to World Archaeology

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ANT2140 allows students the opportunity to discover the diversity of cultures that once occupied archaeological sites, and recognize how cultural and technological shifts throughout history have influenced who we are today. Students participate in the course through a variety of engaging experiences and assessments.



Students generally find that communication with classmates is not as difficult when they know a bit about each other beforehand. This introduction activity is essential to the community building process of ANT2140, and it affords students the opportunity to get to know one another before engaging in concepts that are more complex.

ANT2140 Introduction Discussion


Case Studies

ANT2140 Case Study example

Case studies allow students to analyze and apply knowledge to real-world problems and situations. In ANT2140, student groups analyze “artifacts” of a long-lost civilization in order to learn as much about the civilization as possible.


Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips are an inexpensive and oftentimes free method to participate in an experience that might otherwise be unavailable to a vast majority of students. Many virtual field trips offer the opportunity to explore parts of the world with realistic simulations.

ANT2140 Virtual Field Trip example


Cooperative Learning

ANT2140 Cooperative Learning example

Cooperative learning helps students develop skills that they will utilize in the workforce, including teamwork and communication. In ANT2140, students work in groups in order to create presentations for their peers utilizing VoiceThread.