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Online Components Home Page

It’s important to provide a clear starting place for any course that has an online component. When teaching a flipped or hybrid class, it’s best practice to include a section on the course site titled “Start Here” or “Welcome” so that students will know where to go to find basic information about their course. This can be linked to the front page of the course site.


Course Organization

CITT-designed flipped and hybrid courses organize each module page for clarity, so students can check to see what is coming up before, during, or after class. Grouping content in this way helps ensure that students understand how to prepare for flipped class meetings.

Course Organization




If students need to refer to course materials or other resources frequently during the semester, a resources page can be included so that students can easily find information they need during their flipped class meetings, or when they are completing their work at home. This example shows a library of sounds students needed to be able to refer to throughout their course.


Pre-Class Assignments

It’s important to make it clear to students what they need to complete before attending class. In this example, when assignments should be completed before class, a note is included in parentheses. In the flipped environment, students are often expected to watch instructional videos, complete readings, and take quizzes or complete homework assignments in preparation for the activities they will participate in during the class period.

Pre-class Assignments


Post-Class Assignments

Post-class Assignments

Make sure information about any assignments students must complete and submit after the class period ends is available in the course site, even if you also went over those instructions during class. A good place to list this information is on the module page for each week in a To Do List, as shown in the accompanying image.