Flipped Classroom


This in-person training provides a solid foundation for the best practices of the flipped classroom. The training models flipped classroom strategies by assigning participants pre-readings and a readiness assessment quiz. Each lesson modeled uses a template that is easily adaptable and remains accessible with an active gatorlink.

The next offering of the Flipped Classroom is 11/1/18 from 3:00 – 5:00 pm.
Contact Chris Pinkoson (cpink@ufl.edu) to register for this training.


Flipped classroom workshop home page

After registering, participants will receive a welcome email with instructions for logging into the course and accessing the materials to complete prior to the training . During the training, the facilitators will guide individuals through the relevant materials for each flipped classroom strategy.


Readiness Assessment

The readiness assessment activity, or pre-quiz, encourages participants to complete the pre-readings prior to attending the training. These materials prepare participants for the various peer interactions that will occur within each flipped strategy.

Pre-quiz example


Community-Building Activity

Icebreaker module page

Through Ice Breaker activities, facilitators will seek to establish a positive and supportive classroom community. Fostering a collaborative learning environment early on allows participants to engage more deeply with one another and the content.



The training provides information on a wide variety of instructional strategies, including the use of visual cues to stimulate the recall of key vocabulary or ideas to promote lasting learning. “Scene-It” is a great way to introduce a topic and assess a participants’ basic knowledge before delving further into the content.

Scene It example


Problem-Based Learning

Problem based learning module

With a strong emphasis on collaboration, discussion, and presentation, participants are asked to solve real-world issues. This instructional strategy engages participants by utilizing their life experiences, and the materials provided, to create possible solutions to a given scenario.