Creating Student-Centered Assignments


Participants will explore ways to develop varied student-centered content while establishing a collaborative learning environment through the use of active learning and feedback.

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Creating Student-Centered Assignments Homepage

To facilitate student engagement, the module content has a similar layout and aesthetic design that allows participants to easily navigate through the course and interact with the subject material. Before gaining access to subsequent modules, participants must complete a required activity that applies concepts covered.


The Learner

In “The Learner,” participants explore key characteristics of learning theories and learning styles.  Participants reflect on their learning experience and the type of learning experience they will create in an online classroom.  A discussion is included in this module to promote reflection with others and identify strategies to create assignments for diverse learners.

Learner module


Design to Collaborate

Collaborate module

The “Design to Collaborate” module looks into diverse activities that promote collaboration and a sense of community in the online classroom. Participants identify and design effective collaborative assignments through discussions, collaborations, group assignments, or peer reviews.  At the end of this module, participants design an activity that promotes collaboration in the online classroom.


Active Learning

The Active Learning module examines the characteristics and benefits of active learning, and how it supports creating student-centered assignments.  Participants identify the types of active learning activities and summarize the rationale and purpose behind problem-based learning. The module culminates with an activity where participants apply strategies learned in the module to create an active learning assignment.

Active Learning module


Badge of Completion

Creating Student Centered Assignments badge

This is the second offering in a three-part series designed for participants to earn a Best Practice in Online Education certificate of completion. Successful completion of all course requirements earns participants an open badge. This includes a course description and the criteria required to receive the badge.