Interpreting Course Analytics to Address Student Needs


Use e-Learning course analytics and quiz statistics to help identify struggling students, enhance assessment reliability and validity, and improve student learning. Participants will interpret various activity graphs, evaluate quizzes to make predictions, and prescribe appropriate interventions where needed to improve those outcomes.

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When accessing the course, participants are provided with an obvious starting point that will provide an overview of the workshop goals and explain how to successfully navigate the course. Each module includes readings, lectures, and required activities that must be completed in order to advance to subsequent modules.


Instructional Materials

Interpreting Course Analytics to Address Student Needs utilizes an assortment of instructional materials to support participants as they develop their familiarity with course analytics. Each module introduces topics and concepts with the use of CITT-created lectures and the inclusion of academic journals and websites. Participants conclude each module with an activity that allows for hands-on experience with analyzing and interpreting course analytics.

Instructional Materials


Quiz Statistics in Canvas

Quiz Statistics

This offering is not just about data. Participants will be equipped with knowledge to use the data to maximize course outcomes and measure student and question performance. Participants will have multiple opportunities to interact with course content and analytics as they follow the instructor during a dynamic demonstration. Using the quiz statistics highlighted, participants will analyze question parts in order to determine alignment and overall performance.


Student Intervention

The Student Intervention module explores how to make use of course analytics data to monitor and respond to student performance. Participants will review ways to use course analytics to provide intervention to at-risk learners, adjust the design of a course, and help students gain more insight on their learning process. The module will end with participants composing a draft of a student intervention plan for their own course.

Student Intervention Module



Badge Interpreting Course Analytics to Address Student Needs

This is the last instructional development opportunity in a three-part series designed for participants to earn the Fostering Student Achievement through Facilitation and Feedback certification. Successful completion of all workshop requirements earns participants an open badge. This includes a course description and the criteria required to receive the badge.