Utilizing Active Learning to Enhance Student Success


In this workshop, participants will explore strategies and tools to implement active learning in the virtual classroom. Participants will experience ways to motivate students to succeed through varied peer interactions.

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nontraditional assessment home page

After logging into the course, participants will have the option to navigate to the workshop welcome, an overview of non-traditional assessments, various assessment strategies, or resources that support further research into the topics discussed. This layout is intended to provide an easy reference point for participants after the completion of the workshop.


Introduction to Non-Traditional Assessments

The workshop begins with a concise introduction to the critical components of non-traditional assessments. Facilitators will discuss the implications of implementing these assessment strategies and the important role that feedback plays in their success.

non-traditional assessments powerpoint


Non-Traditional Assessment Strategies

Case-Based Learning

To help equip faculty with the knowledge, resources and tools to successfully implement non-traditional assessments in their classrooms, be it virtual or face-to-face, participants are guided through a variety of strategies that are intended to create a more student-centered learning environment.


Non-Traditional Assessment Tools

When necessary, participants will be provided resources to assist in the completion of a non-traditional assessment strategy. These resources are meant to provide participants with alternative ways to engage students with the content.

Concept Mapping



Badge Utilizing Active Learning to Enhance Student Success

This is the first workshop in a three-part series designed for participants to earn the Rethinking Assessment certification. Successful completion of all workshop requirements earns participants an open badge. This includes a course description and the criteria required to receive the badge.