Utilizing Active Learning to Enhance Student Success


In this instructional development opportunity, participants will explore course design strategies and technology to implement active learning in the virtual classroom. Participants will experience ways to motivate students to succeed through varied peer interactions.

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After logging in, participants are provided with a clear starting point that will provide an overview of the workshop goals and explain how to successfully navigate the course. Each module includes readings, lectures, and required activities that must be completed in order to advance to subsequent modules.


Instructional Materials

Utilizing Active Learning to Enhance Student Success incorporates a variety of instructional materials to assist participants in their acquisition of knowledge on active learning. Each module introduces topics and concepts with the use of CITT-created lectures and the inclusion of academic journals and websites. Each module concludes with an activity, in which learners will discuss active learning concepts or engage in an activity centered on active learning.

Instructional Materials


Preparing and Motivating Students to Succeed

Preparing and Motivating Students

The Preparing and Motivating Students to Succeed module guides participants through strategies to promote a successful active learning experience. Participants will review factors that influence student motivation, brainstorm solutions to help prepare and support students during active learning, and incorporate strategies in their own classroom. The module ends with participants completing a reflection on how they will include strategies to prepare, motivate, and support students in an active learning environment.


Active Learning Strategies

During the workshop participants will be given opportunities to complete active learning assessments. Each assessment will promote strategies to create an active learning environment.  For example, Jigsaw is a learning strategy each participant will experience that helps students construct their own learning. This strategy is used to encourage participants to collaborate with one another to achieve a common goal.  Participants will be separated into groups and then assigned a country to research. Each group member will have to find information on the country they’ve been assigned and come together to create a presentation using VoiceThread.

utilizing active learning



Badge Utilizing Active Learning to Enhance Student Success

This is the first instructional development opportunity in a three-part series designed for participants to earn the Fostering Student Achievement through Facilitation and Feedback certificate of completion. Successful completion of all workshop requirements earns participants an open badge. This includes a course description and the criteria required to receive the badge.