Using Rubrics & Feedback to Improve Student Performance


In this workshop, participants will review the best practices of building effective rubrics and providing quality feedback. Through varied activities, participants will be equipped with the skills necessary to implement rubrics to improve student performance.

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Rubrics and Feedback Homepage

Participants will engage in hands-on activities while they explore the best practices of rubrics and feedback.  While logged into the course, participants will navigate to the workshop welcome, best practices in rubrics and feedback, and resources that support further research into the topics discussed. This layout is intended to provide an easy reference point for participants after the completion of the workshop.


Introduction to Rubrics and Feedback

The workshop facilitators will present on critical elements of rubrics and feedback, both in the virtual and in-person classroom environment. The facilitators will discuss the fundamental elements of rubrics, summative feedback, and formative feedback. They will review examples and strategies that participants can utilize in their own classroom.

Rubrics and Feedback powerpoint


Rubrics Activities

Rubrics header

Participants will review the structure of rubrics, including best practices for implementing rubrics for different assignment types.  Participants will work in groups and individually to review and practice creating rubrics. Activities will help them identify and outline appropriate rubric criteria, as well as implement rubrics in eLearning.



Participants will explore the different types of feedback in non-traditional assessments. Facilitators will review the function and best practices of feedback, and participants will work together to provide both formative and summative feedback using an example assignment. Facilitators will coach them through the process of writing the appropriate type of feedback for the given assessment.

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Badge Using Rubrics Feedback to Improve Student Performance

This is the second workshop in a three-part series designed for participants to earn the Rethinking Assessment certification. Successful completion of all workshop requirements earns participants an open badge. This includes a course description and the criteria required to receive the badge.