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Superior Accomplishment Division 1 Award Winners in CITT!

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Each year, the University of Florida (UF) recognizes employees who go above and beyond by awarding them with the UF Superior Accomplishment Awards. On February 17th, Division 1 award winners were announced, and they will now have the opportunity to move forward for the university-wide awards in April 2021.

Takeaways from a New Multidisciplinary Case-Based Course

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Workforce number and quality were pressing concerns raised by a National Academy of Medicine workshop directed by Dr. Christopher R. Cogle, UF professor, on the use of computers to guide therapy in cancer patients. Answering that call, Dr. Cogle created a graduate course on precision oncology and reached out to the CITT for assistance with evaluating its success. Preparing future professionals for the pace of innovation was a challenge that could only be overcome by training them to work as a multidisciplinary team. As a clinical oncologist himself, Dr. Cogle assembled UF and Shands colleagues in clinical pharmacy, genetic counseling, bioinformatics, and instructional design to create and evaluate a Precision Oncology course for biomedical science and pharmacy graduate students. To gather student feedback on the collaborative, case-based learning course design, our team conducted a focus group with the small class. The findings were recently published in BMC Medical Education (IRB study #202000032) and are summarized below; hopefully, they will serve as inspiration for enhancing career preparation activities in your own courses.

Course Mapping Camp à la mode

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As the pandemic unfolded, faculty, staff, and students at UF pivoted quickly to new modalities for teaching, learning, and working. In response to these changes, CITT paused our popular in-person Course Mapping Camp workshop and adapted it to be delivered online in a flexible synchronous format.


iClicker Cloud has enhanced Grade Sync with Canvas

Just in time for a unique teaching semester filled with students simultaneously online and in classrooms comes FREE access to a popular engagement and assessment tool—iClicker Cloud! This question tool allows all instructors, even those with large enrollments, to quickly check for understanding or survey background knowledge and adjust their lecture accordingly.

Valuing Your Students Will Help Them Succeed

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The first day of class is always stressful. When I was a student, first day introductions always made my heart beat too fast. What interesting fact would I share with everyone? What impression will I leave? I was 18 and would quietly repeat the same line in every class: “My name is Leslie Martinez (maiden name) and I love to read.”

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