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Squeeze the Most Out of Group Work with FeedbackFruits' GME tool

A group of students arrange post-it notes on a glass wall.

Have you been looking for a way to help students grow their collaboration skills and enhance reflection on their performance? If so, there’s a tool that we believe can help! FeedbackFruits’ Group Member Evaluation (GME) creates opportunities for students to self-reflect and provide feedback on peer performance in a constructive and easy way — without ever having to leave Canvas.

Tech Byte: AI Prompt Cookbook: Generative AI Recipes Designed to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Last week we got a chance to host and facilitate a live Tech Byte from our Tech Kitchen (located in CITT Video Productions) in the style of a cooking show. Why a cooking show? That’s a great question, especially since Chris Sharp and I are both not that into cooking IRL. But cooking in the Tech Kitchen is another story—it’s exciting, goofy, and different. We get to transform technology and strategies into something digestible for everyone.

Early Pilot Success for New Education Research Tool Terracotta

Graphic that reads Terracotta X Prize Finalist

Are you interested in taking your course-based research to the next level but tired of dealing with logistical barriers? Well, say hello to Terracotta—the revolutionary open-source app for Canvas eLearning that makes randomized controlled experimental trials easy-peasy!

Does ChatGPT hallucinate about stealing my job?

A cartoon robot in the jungle moving foliage out of the way so that it can continue to walk forward

Last week, my colleague Chris Sharp and I had the opportunity to share our thoughts on AI and assessment design with a large group of faculty and staff. The interest this topic sparked lead to our highest attendance yet at a Tech Byte event. Based on audience participation, it’s clear that many of us humans are eager to think and talk about this new technology’s impact on us, including how it will affect higher education. We’re excited about these new opportunities, but we are also nervous about the implications. What is it about AI that is so compelling and scary?

Join Course Mapping Camp and Start Your Course Out on the Right (or Left) Foot!

Two ducks standing next to each other on one foot.

Did you know that CITT now alternates the modality of our Course Mapping Camp so that it’s offered both in-person and online each year?

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