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SPSS Statistics and Sample Power for your Statistical Needs

Improve your statistical skills to become a better researcher

Are you in need of statistical help? SPSS Statistics is a comprehensive application for analyzing data that can be used for the Social and the Natural Sciences. SPSS is easy and makes statistical analysis more accessible for the beginner and more convenient for the experienced user. Learn how to import files, display reports with tables and charts, plot distributions and trends, perform data cleaning/preparation, and carry out basic/advanced statistical analyses. Simple menus and dialog box selections make it possible to perform complex analyses without typing a single line of code. Sample Power is a robust software to estimate the needed sample size for your study. Some departments require the power analysis of the statistical test for your proposal approval.

Microsoft Teams Training

A person holding a phone while opening the Microsoft Teams application.

Looking for a one stop shop for collaboration, chat, meetings, audio, and file sharing? Microsoft Teams is your answer!

Ideas for How and When to Experiment with Instructional Technologies

A woman using a VR headset in front of a computer

Congratulations on transitioning online! I know many of you have had to learn more about online pedagogy and teaching technologies faster than you may have wanted, but you all have risen to the challenge and conquered it. So now that you have your basic structure for your course online, you want to add technology to increase student engagement and to facilitate learning. How do you decide what technologies you should use and when do you take a chance to experiment?

Expectation Setting for Synchronous Online Office Hours & Classes

Laptop that is on a table with a mug in front of it

Whether you’re approaching synchronous online sessions from the emergency remote teaching perspective for the first time or have facilitated an online learning environment for a while, you may have questions surrounding best practices.

Synchronous/Asynchronous - Doesn't have to be dichotomous

A dog in front of a computer

Whew! You did it! You managed to transition your Spring and/or Summer courses online. Along the way you had to quickly learn what synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning in an online environment looks and sounds like.

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