The Learning Process

I want to apply the fundamentals of educational theory to my teaching. Where do I start?

What’s the most effective method to present this information to my students?

How can I know if my students truly understand this content or have just memorized facts?

Both new and veteran instructors often struggle with questions like these, so it is helpful for faculty who teach to familiarize themselves with pedagogical research no matter their discipline.

This section provides an overview of several modern and relevant theories about how students learn,  variations in learning styles, and best practices in course design that are rooted in peer-reviewed education literature.

  • Applying Learning Theories: Read about up-to-date learning paradigms that contribute to our understanding about how students learn and typologies that categorize different learning styles.
  • Types of Learners: Familiarize yourself with learning preferences that your students may have, and explore strategies to address diverse affinities.
  • Designing the Learning Experience: Learn from educational theorists who have outlined principles and taxonomies that can help instructors plan effectively for quality courses.
  • Scaffolding: Support student learning by building on existing knowledge gradually to achieve larger goals.

Request Assistance

For ideas about how to incorporate these theories into your own teaching, you may request assistance from the Center for Instructional Technology and Training.