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UFIT Tech Bytes is a series that provides bite-sized events covering technologies and strategies to enhance teaching and learning. You can register for upcoming Tech Byte events and access recordings of previous events below.

Upcoming Tech Byte Events

Teaching TechXploration

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UFIT Academic Technology is proud to host a virtual Teaching TechXploration event on November 30th from 1:30 to 4:00 PM! At Teaching TechXploration you'll hear faculty perspectives and advice regarding AI's impacts on teaching and learning, learn about services and tools at UF in lightning round sessions, and gain valuable insights from campus partners! We hope to see you there!

Please register for this event using your UF email address if you have one, and you will receive instructions for attending the event in Microsoft Teams.

Topics include:

  • Faculty panel on AI's impacts
  • Adapting assessments with AI in mind
  • Tools available within Canvas to enhance your teaching
  • Podcasting as teaching and assessment strategy
  • Requesting new teaching tools and grants to fund those tools

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Previous Events

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Tech Byte: Unlocking Academic Excellence with Canvas Learning Outcomes (10/12/23)

Unlocking Academic Excellence with Canvas Learning Outcomes

Canvas Learning Outcomes is a powerful educational tool designed to help educators track and assess student learning performance. Faculty and instructors can set up learning outcomes in Canvas to measure student performance against the preset Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). This tool benefits students by informing them of their own subject mastery. Join us in this virtual session to learn how this tool provides data to faculty which can guide their teaching!

Tech Byte: Getting to the Core of Group Evaluations with Feedback Fruits (9/14/23)

Tech Byte: Getting to the Core of Group Evaluations with Feedback Fruits

September 14, 2023

Feedback Fruits is a group member evaluation tool that allows students to grow their collaboration skills! Students can use this platform to self-reflect and provide feedback within their group in a constructive and easy way without leaving Canvas. Assistive AI feedback coaching helps guide student comments. At the same time faculty gain valuable insight into student performance and competence. This tool has been funded by the Student Tech Fee Grant and is available to use free of charge within Canvas. Join us for a demonstration from Feedback Fruits to learn more!

Resources for the Tech Byte:

Tech Byte: Classroom Walkthrough (Aug 2023)

Tech Byte: Classroom Walkthrough

UFIT Academic Technology hosted two in-person Tech Byte sessions to introduce faculty to UF classroom environments in August, 2023. These drop-in sessions gave faculty the opportunity to explore the flexibility and capabilities of classroom technology to enhance teaching and learning.

For assistance with classroom technology, please contact UFIT Classroom Support (352-392-6683) to request a training or get immediate in-class assistance.

Tech Byte: AI Prompt Cookbook: Generative AI Recipes Designed to Enhance Teaching (7/26/23)

Chris Sharp and Leslie Mojeiko return with another live cooking show in UFIT’s Center for Instructional Technology and Training’s (CITT) Tech Kitchen. Join them for this fun event to learn generative AI recipes to enhance your course design and teaching. They will share tips for writing effective prompts for ChatGPT and AI image generators and ideas for how generative AI can help make class prep and assignment design more efficient. Join to see demonstrations of AI in action, gather recipes for course prep, and walk away with a free cookbook of your own to get started with “prompt engineering!”

Link to AI Prompt Cookbook

Recording for AI Prompt Cookbook: Generative AI Recipes Designed to Enhance Teaching and Learning (54:09)

ecstatic presenters Leslie Mojeiko and Chris Sharp wearing aprons in a virtual kitchen with books about AI in front of them

Tech Byte: Streamline Grading with Gradescope (4/27/23)

This Tech Byte will demonstrate Gradescope, a new tool being piloted with Canvas e-Learning that streamlines grading of many different types of assessments (e.g., paper-based diagrams or equations, bubble sheets, programming assignments).

Among other features, Gradescope uses artificial intelligence to help efficiently sort homework and exam responses into groups of similar answers to quickly provide feedback, annotations, and marks. Large classes can split grading loads amongst TA’s on a per-question basis, and graders can dynamically update the shared rubric to maintain consistency and fairness. Analytics are provided for insight into students’ performance on each question.

After the demo, there will be a case example presented from Engineering Education to share their experiences with using Gradescope. The remaining time will be used for Q&A and additional case examples.

Tech Byte: AI Impacts on Teaching and Learning (3/30/23)

ChatGPT and other generative AI tools have led to questions about academic integrity and how AI can transform teaching, learning, and assessment. In this event participants will receive a brief overview of ChatGPT’s capabilities, consider course design strategies, learn how to modify assessments to be less susceptible to AI generated content, and discuss new types of assessments made possible with AI. It is important that we continue to weigh the value of assessments and their relationship to measuring student learning outcomes. Participants will have the opportunity to share existing assessments from courses they teach or work with to see how they could be improved considering the capabilities of AI. 

Tech Byte: Ramp Up Student Engagement with On-Location Videos (3/2/23)

Looking to make your course content more engaging for students? On-location video is a great way to do it! There are a variety of video types that can increase student success, but one size does not fit all. The UFIT Field Production Video team will present a menu of video options, talk about our video production process, and answer any questions you have.

Access the recording and the PowerPoint presentation in this cloud folder

Tech Byte: Create Interactive Course Content with Lumi and H5P (2/7/23)

Have you ever wanted to add interactivity to your Canvas pages, or create fun activities that students can use to check their understanding?

Join the Center for Instructional Technology and Training to learn about Lumi — a free tool for editing interactive content widgets that can be exported and used in Canvas courses or on websites. In this online workshop you’ll discover how Lumi works and how to create an engaging, accessible, and gradable online activity in real time!

Recording of Tech Byte: Create Interactive Course Content with Lumi and H5P (01:18:07)

Tech Byte: 30 Minute Recipes to Increase Instructor Presence (8/22/23)

Are you ready to see a cooking show like none other? Leslie Mojeiko and Chris Sharp from UFIT's Center for Instructional Technology & Training (CITT) are co-hosting a new type of Tech Byte event for UF faculty and staff. In this live one-hour cooking show, we will present "30-Minute Recipes" using technology and tools to increase instructor presence in your courses!

We will explain the three dimensions of instructor presence, provide a few demonstrations, and even give you a cookbook handout at the end of the event so that you can prepare these recipes on your own!