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Learning Analytics and Assessment

About Us

Learning Analytics and Assessment supports the university‚Äôs student success initiative by integrating context-aware data analysis into continuous quality improvement efforts as well as optimizing the user experience using state-of-the-art academic assessment technologies. We seek and welcome collaboration and research opportunities to explore emerging technologies and advance evidence-based practices within the teaching and learning process. Consultation services are free and available to all instructors and credit-bearing programs. We hope you contact us!

Service Highlights

Scanning and Scoring

Our Scanning and Scoring team in Assessment Technology provides processing and reporting services for LR1 Scantron bubble answer sheets for a nominal supply fee and customized work upon request. We are currently piloting Gradescope as a potential replacement tool. Please see our related pages for more information about our work and services to efficiently measure where student learning is currently and, thus, help direct future actions.

Learning Analytics

Learning Analytics

There are varieties of data across Learning (e.g. Canvas eLearning), Academic (e.g., Student Information Systems), and Institutional (e.g., graduation rates) repositories that can be harnessed to provide insight into student success improvement. Interpretation of this data necessitates comprehensive learning context as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our Learning Analytics team is committed to providing dedicated educator support in measuring, collecting, analyzing, and reporting learning and student engagement data for direct course improvement as well as broader pedagogical research.

Professional Community Engagement

We are active participants in many professional communities dedicated to advancing learning analytics and/or assessment in higher education. These include, but are not limited to, members of the Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education, EDUCAUSE, Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR), and Unizin.

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